Meet the founder

The act of self-care for me came through discovering and making natural products as a hobby while I was still in university. Creating was a therapeutic way for me to relieve the stressors of school and life, and that’s where it all began. I embodied my grandfather’s joy of natural medicine and holistic living— growing up, I watched him experiment with herbs, making teas and oils to naturally heal and support his health. My vision then expanded to combining my love of creating natural products and honouring my grandfather by starting a small business to help conscious humans learn to nurture themselves through intention and seasonal changes. 
I built this small herbal wellness brand with the intention of providing herbal tools and resources to help others learn to thrive through seasonal needs. Our bodies require different needs as the season changes, whether that is immune support, nervous system support or skincare support. We all go through changes just like the seasons. Incorporating botanics into the rhythms of the seasons teaches us so much about enjoying the unhurried process of life. Plants take time to grow, and while they provide us with so much, they also require us to provide for them— a beautiful balance.