Seasonal Nurture Boxes

As we enter a new season, it’s important to remember that the natural shifts of each season affect our mind and body and, as a result, our needs also shift. Nature has rhythms, and each seasonal cycle impacts our internal rhythms as well– it’s one of our favorite parts of being human and coexisting with nature. As a society, we sometimes forget how to nourish and live presently, but when we’re aware of signs and imbalances in our bodies and minds, we can intentionally nurture ourselves! Do you have rituals you already practice in your daily life? Are there different nurturing practices you do based on seasonal shifts? Whether you realize it or not, you more than likely have a few routines and rituals (think: extra moisturization and attention to loving your skin in the dry months), and we want to support you in making them regular practice this season! Life can pass us by so quickly and if we can offer you some support to slow down and incorporate intentionality more seamlessly into your daily routines, we’ve done our job! We’ve created seasonal Nurture Boxes to help with this, and I’m so excited to share my pride and joy with you.
Nurture boxes are seasonal boxes handcrafted with tools and products that help with your everyday wellness needs. We create each box to appeal to each of the five senses:
  • Touch: self-care and nurturing ourselves can sometimes mean setting time aside for play and exploration, which to us, is the sense of touch
  • Taste & Smell: seasonal flavours and smells are something we value and try to bring out in every season– it’s the best way to incorporate our senses in our practice!
  • Hearing: we try to encourage the ‘hearing’ and understanding of plants and herbs within each box and how we can best utilize them for the season
  • Sight: we often lead with our eyes, and taking the time to look at and appreciate the herbs and botanicals in your wellness box can help you experience it with your other senses!


    In each box, we include a botanic of choice, botanical products, wellness tools/ accessories, and recipe(s)/ Do-It-Yourself botanical-based projects. Sometimes we have the pleasure of including a small business in a box that accompanies the box in mind. Each recipe/DIY project will be based on your chosen botanic and will contain instructions, your plant of choice, as well as most, if not all, of the items you’d need to complete the project. We believe that learning happens best when we’re actually doing something, so instead of just having us create all of the products in the box, we figured we’d get your help! Every box and product is handcrafted in small batches with naturally sourced ingredients to preserve the quality. When we can, we try to source our plants locally. In addition to supporting local small businesses, we try to source locally because the potency, taste, and smell of a plant differs based on geographical region, and sourcing locally ensures that they are specifically conditioned to our local weather and seasonal patterns, and deal with the same stresses and climate fluctuations that we do. 

    We also create online seasonal magazines that can be viewed by the comfort of your phone! Each magazine includes:

    • An understanding of each product and how we intentionally created them
    • How to use wellness tool(s) included in the box
    • Educational information on the herb of choice including their benefits, uses, and potential considerations
    • Step-by-step instructions for each recipe and/or DIY in the box

    Fun fact: the paper that our nurture magazine card is printed on is actually seeding paper! After the season is over simply cut out the QR code to save the information for later use, plant your paper in soil, and get ready for some new plant friends! 

    We create each and every box with the hope that it can help you get back to intentionality, slowness and self-compassion because everyone deserves to take a break from the chaos of life. This year we will be offering a special offer. Pre- order your Nurture Box and receive 20% off all year round on all offerings in our online shop. Take a look at your Spring Box! 

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