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Body Dry Brush

Body Dry Brush

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A classic ayurvedic ritual, dry brushing has gained increasing popularity in the western culture over the years. Dry brushing contains a myriad of health benefits, and is one of the easiest ways to promote cell rejuvenation and blood circulation, as well as support immune function! The practice of dry brushing is typically done daily pre-shower, and works to calm the nervous system, support the lymphatic system, and potentially reduce cellulite by increasing circulation. Our dry brushes are vegan, with bristles made from agave plants, and though dry brushing is, as its name suggests, typically done with a dry brush, you can cleanse the brush with some warm water and natural soap to soften its bristles. 


Sisal Fiber 


Using medium pressure (you want to feel something happening without irritating the skin), move the brush upwards towards the heart in long, circular strokes.



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