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Nurture with Botanics

Gua Sha Tool

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Gua sha has quickly gained popularity in North America, and for good reason. Used as a form of anti-inflammatory massage and healing in Ancient China, it is also known to relieve tension and provide lymphatic support. Use it once a day after applying face oil, and notice the differences in your skin right away.

Includes a grey flannelette bag

Stone: Rose Quartz

How to use:

Start by applying your desired face oil.

Lightly scrape the neck in straight, vertical lines from the base of the neck to the jawline for about 4-5 strokes in each section.

Be gentle in this area of the face! Start at the bridge of the nose in the inner corner of the eye, and glide the Gua Sha under the eye across the cheekbone for 4-5 strokes; repeat on the other side.